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Uncle Tom's Kitchen


Tom started Uncle Tom's Kitchen in September of 2020. For years, he had dreamed of having his own food business. Over 20 years, he had worked every position there is in the restaurant business from server to cook to manager and everything in between. Many of his friends and family had frequently told him that he was an amazing chef and that he should start selling the food that he made at home. He even catered his own wedding in July of 2015. For that menu, click here.

Tom moved to Wisconsin in 2010 and met his future wife in 2013. They both fell in love with honeycrisp apples and he immediately began working on what he could create with this delicious variety. Amongst his earliest creations was a creamy applesauce with just a hint of sugar and a hint of spice that his nephew Terje fell in love in 2018. For that story, click here.

That brings us to September of 2020. Tom got wind of a Fall Harvest market in the area and was convinced by family to take his applesauce there and sell it. He sold 30 jars that day and has never looked back. He quickly expanded his canned apple product line and found other markets to sell at. In November of 2020, after a lucky late cancellation, Tom was offered a spot at the Cameron Park Winter Market. He scrambled to add pies to his product line, and they were a huge hit. 

And that brings us to 2021. Tom joined the Cameron Park Farmer's Market Association and began selling on Saturday mornings from May to October in addition to other vendor events in small towns around the area. He added more baked goods and summer pies to his lineup. He also added lines of tomato sauces, jams and jellies, and more fall fruit items.


Finally, we are here in 2022. With 30 artisan products currently in the lineup, Tom continues to seek out more opportunities to sell his wares. He is also expanding his reach into the realm of maker's markets. Tom is also focussing on re-branding his business as an artisan maker with a new logo, new banner, and updated product labelling that better reflects what he does. The outlook for Uncle Tom's Kitchen is looking great and Tom is still always thinking of ways to grow, expand, and improve his business.

Lastly, thank you to everyone in the area who has supported this endeavor. You have helped Tom to turn a lifelong dream into a reality.

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